Sunday, June 16, 2013

Finding Me . . .At 50

On Thursday, someone asked me why I was changing so much.  On Friday, My Scraps and More posted a challenge - a layout using a picture of you. Then I was in my local Archivers and I saw the new Authentique line - Be"You"Tiful.  Now I never, ever use pictures of me - even my this is me album will only have a couple when it is done.  But this got me to thinking - was I changing and what would I do in a layout about me.  Here is what I ended up with.

And I don't think I'm changing exactly.  Instead I think I'm finally really seeing me and accepting who I am.  At 50, I think I'm finally through with trying to be who others think I should be.  And my scrapbooking is helping me get there. I am more creative than analytical; I want to wear soft, feminine clothes, not business suits; I don't want to be super organized and scheduled all the time - I am happier going with the flow and following impulse.  And most importantly, I want my children to get to this point long before they are 50 - so I have a new focus on what is important to me about being a mother.

 Its hard - for me and for those I love, but I am finally growing up.  I think this quote might be my new mantra:

So I'm going to try to keep growing up.

Today we're having a quiet father's day - I'm hoping to get a little scrapping in and maybe a nap (I have one of those dreaded summer colds.)  Enjoy your Sunday and celebrating the men in your life.  And thanks for listening to me ramble about my growing pains.

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