Thursday, November 27, 2014

December Daily-ish - Finally Starting

 Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Now that I've bored you silly all week with talking about how I picked supplies and how I am storing my supplies, I am finally going to share a page.  I chose a page protector with 12 2x2 pockets for my title page.  I wanted to be able to do something fun and use a variety of supplies to set the tone for the project. 

I started by cutting 5 2x2 pieces of paper and used the oversize gold alphas from Pebbles to add the letters in the word "merry."  Then I started to pull embellishments to the different pockets.  Here are some highlights:

  • The gold glitter tag is also from Pebbles.  I added the year with some small alphas for a custom look.  It is stapled into the pocket.  I left the string sticking out the top for now.  I am thinking I might have some other ribbons sticking out by the time the album is done, but if I don't I will trim the twine later.  And I glued a snowflake wood veneer on the back of the tag so it's pretty on the back side of the page too.
  • Those puffy gold stars are scraps from trim that came in an old Studio Calico kit.  They are stapled into place also.
  • That black plastic strip that says "celebrate" came in the November Studio Calico card kit.  I used adhesive to attach it to the top of the page protector.  And I put a corresponding piece that says grateful on the other side of the page protector in the same place.  Since Thanksgiving will be on the other side of  this, it should work perfectly.
  • The sequins are from my stash.  I started with some of the red stars from Studio Calico - one of the embellishments I chose for my kit -- and added others from my stash.  I mixed sizes and colors.  And since I don't have a sewing machine, I used glossy accents to glue the pocket closed.
  • The chipboard frame is from Crate Paper and the little wood heart is from the Atlantic collection by Studio Calico.  They are both attached to a small transparency square that slides in the pocket.  And another frame and another heart are attached to the back side.
  • The wood veneer star is just floating in the pocket for now.  If it doesn't want to stay in I will staple it, but for now it works.
  • The last square is a piece of white card stock that I covered with different washi tapes placed randomly.  The tape with words is holiday masking tape that came in one of the November scrapbook add ons from Studio Calico.
The back side of the page serves as a foundation page for Thanksgiving.  I will use patterned paper and small photos in the pockets that don't hold embellishments.

 I think I will use a full 6x8 page protector on the page opposite. 

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

December Daily-ish - Getting Organized

So now that I've pulled all that pretty paper and all the fun embellishments out, I need a way to store them.  I know lots of people use pretty trays with little bowls and I love that idea.  But the only place I would have to leave the tray is on my desk and this isn't the only project I will work on over the next month or two.  And I love the idea of using muffin tins - vintage or new - to sort embellishments.  But again - where am I keeping the muffin ins?

So I needed a solution that would allow me to put the project away when I wasn't working on it.  I looked at an empty iris box in the basement, but it wasn't big enough and I wasn't sure how I would keep the supplies organized.  And, to be honest, I am always looking for an excuse to by organizing stuff.  So off to Michaels I went. 

I found an Iris box that is twice as deep as the standard boxes I already have.  I liked that because I could close it up and put the box away.  And with the extra depth, I was pretty sure I could fit all my supplies.  But I still wanted to be able to sort embellishments.  So I was super excited to find a tray with adjustable dividers that fit in the iris box.  And storage was on sale and I had a coupon for 25% off my total purchase.  Those suckers were coming home with me. 

The bottom of the box holds my papers and large embellishments.  I also put in the container of leftover paint from my cover.  I can dig through those supplies easily and everything goes right back in.

I even used a box from a Studio Calico project life kit in the bottom of the box.  It holds the project life cards I pulled out and is easy to dig through.  And I don't have to worry about the cards scattering all over the box.

The tray fits on top of the supplies in the bottom of the box.  I used the adjustable dividers to create the compartments that fit my supplies.  I even divided up the die cuts so that vellum, acetate, and traditional die cuts so I can find what I want quickly. 

When I'm not working on the album, I close up the box and put it away.  And if I do want to go somewhere else to work on my album with friends, I can grab the box and go.  It's not as pretty as those trays with bowls, but it fits my needs perfectly.

Oh you may have noticed that the album itself doesn't fit in the box.  I put all the page protectors in the album and keep it on my desk.  I like to stand it up so that the cover is a little bit like having a decoration on my scrap desk.

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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

December Daily-ish - Embellishments.

Yesterday I talked a lot about the paper choices I made for my album.  Today I'm talking about embellishments .  As I thought about embellishments, I came up with the following principles to help choose embellishments:
  • I wanted a mix of holiday and non-holiday themed embellishments
  • I wanted a mix of textures and colors
  • I didn't want to end up with a lot of things to put away when the project was done.
Again I looked at the different kits out there to see what appealed to me.  For instance I love seeing holiday words in script form so I was excited to find some heidi swapp holiday word stickers in my stash.  And I may well buy some cut files so I can play with this look more.

I also realized that I am going to work on my album here at home most if not all the time.  And my scrap room organization is about having things where I can see them since I use what I see.  But my holiday embellishments are stored in two Iris boxes and are hard to dig through.  So I decided to focus on pulling holiday embellishments and adding reminders of non-holiday themed embellishments to my kit rather than pulling everything I might want to use.  (Remember - I don't want a lot to put away at the end of the project.)

So here is a photo that gives you a feel for the embellishment mix I've chosen.

 Here are the items I've chosen:
  • die cuts - a mix of traditional, vellum, and acetate pieces so I can add a variety of textures
  • rub-ons - I love using rub-ons lately, especially directly on a photo since I don't have access to photoshop.  Those gold star rub-ons were from Chic Tags last Christmas
  • bags, pockets, folders and envelopes - perfect for creating inserts to hold journaling and memorabilia
  • trim - I pulled a mix of ribbons and twine
  • tags - love those gold glitter tags from Pebbles
  • flair - a mix of traditional flair, cameos from Webster's Pages that were in my stash and those Glitz giant gems.
  • washi tape - a variety of colors, widths, and textures
  • wood veneer - both painted (from Basic Grey's 25th and Pine collection) and unfinished
  • frames - I love frames in pockets, on inserts and on top of page protectors.  They are a great way to add dimension.  I have a mix including Crate paper, Studio Calico and My Minds Eye
  • That fabric tag from an old Basic Grey collection was in my stash.  I added it specifically for the texture.
  • Stickers
  • Enamel dots (I found those gold and silver ones from Teresa Collins at JoAnns but have easy access to lots of colors and sizes)
  • sequins - the stars from Studio Calico's Magical collection are in my kit, but again, lots of colors and sizes are in easy reach
  • stickers - these are from the 25 days class kit but I have other holiday themed stickers in my kit also
  • buttons - the holiday themed ones are from Fancy Pants, but my button bowl is right by my desk.
And of course, every album needs some alphas.  I pulled a few I was pretty sure I would use, but will likely go to my stash also.  And I did by the Gossamer Blue plaid alphas just for this project.  Swoon.

And while I am not much of a stamper, I am really working to use my stamps more.  So I pulled my holiday themed stamps out to store with my kit.  Some of these are from the November Studio Calico kits also.

And finally I went through my stash of project life style cards and pulled some that fit with my colors that I thought I might use.  (Since I store my cards by color this was pretty quick to do.)

So by now you should be sick of hearing about my kit.  But just in case you are still interested, I will share a bit about kit organization tomorrow.

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Monday, November 24, 2014

December Daily-ish - Choosing Paper (and a winner)

I've got it together now - I took my December Daily kit pictures over the weekend (when I had daylight), so we are good to go!  As I mentioned before, I am starting my album with Thanksgiving, since that kicks off our holiday season, and I am not worried about documenting every day. (Somedays it is about work, school and sleep at my house - even in December.)  Instead I am focused on capturing our holidays whenever they happen. 

Today I am  talking about paper.  I choose my color palette at the start of this project - if you've forgotten it is a light blue, soft red, black, lime green and pink.  To me it's a modern take on
traditional holiday colors.

So I knew those were the colors that I wanted in my paper choices.  And I've noticed that I am using paper that is not holiday themed for my traditional Christmas layouts more often than not.  But I love Christmas supplies, so I have quite a stash.  So I decided to mix holiday and non holiday papers for this project.  And I looked at the paper choices in the different December Daily kits to get a sense of what the experts chose and what appealed to me the most.  Here are my primary paper choices.

I tried to get a balanced assortment of the different colors in my palette, plus some prints.  I cut them all down to 6x8 sheets (the largest I will use in my snap album).  Many of the choices came from my scrap files.  But in most cases I also ended up with a 4x6 piece that I am also keeping with my kit.

 I know I am going to use gold as an accent through my album.  So I also wanted to choose some papers that added gold.  I love these papers because they bring a mix of textures to the project.  These are also cut down to 6x8.  My favorite might just be the gold glitter stripes from Pebbles.

And then there are some sheets of paper designed to be cut apart into project life style cards.  I left these whole for now since I wasn't sure how I would use them at this part.  But they are a huge value when working on a mini album.  Most of these are from this year's Websters Pages holiday collections (one of my only holiday themed purchases this year), but I've been hoarding that sheet from Studio Calico.

And finally some vellum (I love vellum!!!) - These sheets are from Webster's Pages also.  I've left them whole and will cut them apart when I know where and how I am using them.  That glitter vellum is amazing and that pieces that says "New Year" might just end my album. And while I haven't pulled any for my kit, I have some of the Brighton Pier gold star vellum in my stash and it might just find its way into this album. 

Sorry this got so long, but paper is near and dear to my heart.  Don't forget to leave a comment today for an entry into my holiday themed giveaway

Finally a winner

I almost forgot to pick a winner for the blog rebirth giveaway.  Sorry about that!  But this morning I put names in a hat and let my husband pick.  And he picked:

I follow your blog through an app called feedly. So it may not show up on your list of followers, but I am following!!!

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Sunday, November 23, 2014

12 Days of Christmas at Papercut Labs

Papercut Labs is hosting a fun holiday event - it is the 12 Days of Christmas Crop and Blog Hop.  They have 12 fun challenges that can be combined for entries for some great prizes.  And I can't resist the chance to win some goodies for my stash, so of course I'm playing along.

My first entry is a layout inspired by the amazing Natalie Elphinstone.  My Studio Calico kit in November included this amazing tree paper.  But I was totally stumped by it.  I couldn't figure out what to do with it.  Then she posted a gorgeous layout at Studio Calico and on instagram using it as her base and I was off.  She mixed patterns and strong colors with the paper for a gorgeous effect.

I had a picture of my 22 year old son standing by a buckeye tree that he picked at a free tree event when he was only 5 or 6.  It was only a twig then, and I love this picture because it captures both that old memory and my life today.  It seemed like the perfect picture of this tree paper.  I mixed it with shades of green, blue, purple and peach (a really different color palette for me).    I added some die cuts (including some amazing vellum leaves from my Studio Calico kit) and a doily.  The doily was too bright when a first tried it, so I turned it over and used the back side which was the perfect pale blue.  Here's what I ended up with.

I used Studio Calico color theory lavender soda ink to stamp on the peach paper and amethyst color shine for the ink splatters.  I also added a few enamel dots and a piece of wood veneer for the finished layout.  And I used some pale blue cardstock from the card kit for my journaling strips.

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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Frustrated .... But Regrouping (and some quick card ideas)

I was - and still am - super excited about blogging again.  But this week was really frustrating.  I had a plan for a series of posts about my December Daily(ish) album this year, and was ready to go.  But winter came early to Ohio and I remembered the challenges it brought.  It is impossible to get good photos of projects and supplies on dreary winter days if before and after work.  So those blog posts ground to a halt.  I apologize. 

But now I've learned and I'm getting back on track.  I will just need to make sure photos happen on the weekend when I have daylight.  Those blog posts are coming this week.  And I am going to extend my December Daily(ish) giveaway til midnight on Thanksgiving.  All  comments on blog posts through Thanksgiving will go into the hat. 

In the meantime, I thought I share a tip for quick and easy cards.  I love to use project life style cards when I need a quick card.  Someone has already thought hard about design -- I might as well take advantage of that expertise.  Here are some examples.

The striped card here established the color scheme and made the rest of the design quick to pull together.

The "Hello Sunshine" Card added the sentiment and set the tone for the card.  A few simple layers and I was done!

The kraft card here created a fun, casual feel.  All it needed was some patterned paper and some sparkly star sequins to create a festive Christmas card.  (And  the star sequins behind and on top of the vellum added lots of dimension without lots of work or supplies.)

So use up those project life cards - or look at the cut apart patterned papers as a quick way to make custom holiday cards this year. 

Thanks for stopping by.  Remember that the December Daily giveaway has been extended til Thanksgiving so don't forget to comment.  All comments on that post and all the posts til Thanksgiving are entries into the drawing.

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A Handbook Diary

 Note:  Today's post was supposed to be about paper choices for my December Daily, but the photos I took over the dreary November weekend don't really show the colors accurately, so I am putting that off til I can get some better pictures.  But don't forget the December Daily GiveawayComments all week enter you into the giveaway.

I failed project life - in fact I didn't even make it a month.  But I am more than a little fascinated with the idea of pocket scrapbooking as a way to keep a record of everyday life.  And I love the Studio Calico handbooks.  So I decided to start a handbook as my personal album. I feel like I am at a turning point in my personal growth, and I wanted a place to document me and my life.

The things I put in my handbook might be about me - like my favorite flower

And they might be about things happening in my life or things I'm feeling

And they might be about things happening with people I love that are important to how I feel about my life.

There are no rules for my handbook.  I do what I want when I want to do it.  I experiment with different techniques sometimes and at other times I do something super quick and easy.  Sometimes the photos in my handbook also show up in layouts for my family albums or my kid's albums.  But when you look through the album you get a picture of the things in my life that were important to me at the time.   It is really turning out to be the perfect way for me to keep a diary. 

My first handbook is almost full.  And I can't wait to start another one.  But I am sure there are other fun ways to use those albums and I'd love it if you would share your ideas.