Saturday, October 17, 2015

Oh No - I Don't Have A Kit to Play With.......

For years, my favorite part of scrapbooking was building a diverse stash and mixing and matching products for each layout.  Then I became a kit subscriber.  I was still mixing and matching, but from the kit (already curated by someone very talented).  And, for the most part, my stash just sat.

Currently I sub to 2 kits - Studio Calico and Citrus Twist Kits.  I feel like I am in a period of transition - the Studio Calico kits have not been clicking with my style lately and I have been experimenting with the Citrus Twist kits (for quite a while now).  For whatever reason,  I am having a hard time canceling my SC subscription. 

So last week I received my SC kit - and I mostly hated it.  I made one layout and then incorporated it into my stash.  (Maybe I will finally cancel?)  But my Citrus Twist kit is still on the way.  And on Thursday, I was home with time to play -

So I had to go to my stash and mix product from scratch.  I ended up pulling a piece from Dear Lizzy Documentary for my base.  Then I added bits from studio calico kits, seven paper, pinkfresh studios, pink paislee and crate paper.   And I made this......
design inspired by sketch at Citrus Twist kits

I had a great time picking papers and embellishments to use.  And I love the final project.  It has exactly the bright, fun, pretty feel I was going for.  And I used lots of bits from my stash. 

So Thursday I remembered how much fun it is to mix products all by myself.  Maybe I need to scrap this way more and rely on kits less?

Thanks for stopping by.



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  3. Julie, your photos are absolutely beautiful. And I just love your layering here. Great layout. Michelle t