Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Online Inspiration - the Old Fashioned Way

No projects to share - its high school soccer tournament time here and my son had a game last night.  As a senior, each game might be his last, so they are pretty intense.  By the time I got home, I just wanted warm jammies and a nice glass of red wine.  The Hawks won last night (7-2), so we play again Thursday.  So instead I thought I'd talk about how I keep track of that online inspiration.

I love looking at blogs and scrapbook sites.  The layouts and sketches provide so much inspiration.  The only problem is finding that inspiration back when I have time to work.  Its hard to find that sketch I liked three days ago.

Pinterest seemed the obvious solution.  But my husband and I (and sometimes my daughter) share a computer.  When I'm working on a layout and want to hunt something I saw a few days ago, someone else is usually on the computer (unless it is one of those late night scrapping binges).  I decided I'd have to take the old school approach.

So I bought several small notebooks and a couple of packages of white cardstock.  I cut the cardstock in half and punched holes to creat pages.  I used the dividers in the binders to create dividers.   (I have a whole binder for sketches since I am such an addict.)  And I print those ideas I see and love.

If it is for a challenge, I leave the printout on my desk with the date and any additional info noted until I finish my project of the challenge ends.  Then I cut that design idea out and any others I printed just for fun, and stick them in those idea books.  I also keep a When I'm ready to scrap, those binders are ready to use.  And if I am packing up for a crop, its easy to grab one or two to take along.

How do you keep track of your inspiration?  I'd love to hear.

Have a great Wednesday!

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