Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New Goodies from the Nook and the Chip Chop Shop

Yesterday was a really long day at work and I had tons of errands to run when I got home.  It seemed like responsibilities meant no time for anything fun!  I know - I sound like a whiny kid, and that's just the way grown-up life works sometimes.  But the mailman made my day.A box from My Scrapbook Nook with the June kit and grab bag was waiting on my front step. It was full of goodies!

And in the mailbox, there was a package from the The Chip Chop Shop, my first purchase of supplies from Etsy.  It was full of these fun doilies and trim! 

All of the different sizes, colors and patterns in the doilies are great and I love that wide crocheted trim.

Now I didn't have time to play with any of it and probably won't all week.  But somehow just getting new stuff for my stash cheered me right up.  It was almost as good as a new pair of shoes!

I'm off for another crazy day at work and have a lot of prep work for the St. Catharine's Funfest that I have to get done tonight so its ready for set up tomorrow.  Maybe the mailman will leave me another surprise today.  Hope you have a great day!

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