Monday, June 25, 2012

Going Home

We went to visit my mom in Ashtabula, Ohio this weekend. We were in a hurry to get packed and on the road after work Friday, and  unfortunately I forgot my camera.  As a result I only have a few pictures I took with my phone at Point Park.  (I think I can lose my license to scrapbook for that.)

My mom said she had taken us to Point Park often when we were growing up, but I have to admit that I didn't remember any past trips.  I did enjoy the trip this weekend though.  The view of the lake and the harbor was awesome.

One of Ashtabula's landmarks is the lift bridge.  When the kids were little we spent what felt like hours sitting near the bridge so they could see it go up and down.

The lift bridge on its way up

Nicholas and my mom (Nicholas didn't want his picture taken and made life difficult.)

Elisabeth watching the lift bridge.
Elisabeth and I are hoping to visit again later this summer.  hopefully, I will remember my camera and get some better pictures.

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