Saturday, June 16, 2012


My children never fail to frustrate me, make me laugh and amaze me.  They screw up on the simple things, seemingly are unappreciative of the things we (their parents) do, and then, out of the blue, say or do something thoughtful.  This weekend seems to be my daughter's weekend to shine. 

Yesterday, we spent the day together doing "girl things" - mostly shopping.  Elisabeth's a real bargain hunter and she carefully got the biggest bang for her buck at Plato's Closet.  Then we went to get the American Eagle sweatshirt I had promised her in exchange for her cleaning the basement a while back.  They weren't on sale so she decided she would rather wait.  Her desire to get value for her clothing dollars always surprises me (especially when I'm paying.)

Before we left the mall, she wanted to frozen yogurt from Yagoot with a gift card from her Easter basket. The big surprise of the day was that she also wanted to treat me since I bought her lunch.  Her generosity was really a sweet surprise - even sweeter than the peach yogurt.

But she wasn't done.  Today she got up and got right to work on a Father's Day card for her Daddy.  She carefully picked papers and cut the title with the cricut to get just he right size, color and look.  Then she spent time carefully researching quotes for the inside on the internet, printing on vellum for the perfect card.  She even is gong to let her brothers sign their names.

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