Tuesday, December 18, 2012

My December Daily and December 14th

Last Friday was one of the saddest days I can remember - every time I think about the shooting in Connecticut, I cry.  I came home from work and hugged my kids.  I even made those 6 foot boys give me a hug.  The horror, the loss of those lives and the impact on the families of those lost is incomprehensible.  And the impact on the survivors is beyond my understanding.

In church on Sunday our priest talked about the shooting.  Many people in the congregation (especially Moms) were crying with me.  And I keep thinking about it and I keep crying.

So This brings me to my December Daily - when I started the project, I committed to including the good, the bad and the ugly.  I didn't want to document a perfect holiday - I wanted to document our lives.  But I thought the bad would be a failed recipe, a missing gift, a broken ornament - or even our tree falling over.  I never expected to be touched by a tragedy in Connecticut.  But ultimately, nothing is going to color our holidays this year like the shooting in that school.  So I included it.

Here is the page I put together.  The journaling talks about the tragedy and how it helped me remember the most important things about the holidays - loving each other, hugging each other and respecting each other.

So I am going to keep crying and praying for those families in Connecticut and I am going to focus on what's important with my family as we gather for the holidays. 


  1. I was going to catch up on my dd today and I'm at a complete loss on what to put on the 14th. I'm with you that it has changed this year's Christmas for me and I can't ignore it. Thanks for sharing, I will consider something like this in mine too.

  2. It has also changed our holiday. Since my children are grown, I have decided to make a 4x6 collage of news photos to include. Some people (especially with younger children) are using hidden journaling or hidden photos.