Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December Daily -Stuck Already?

Saturday night I met a friend from teh Two Peas chat board at ARchivers for a crop.  We had a great time working together, and it was wonderful to make a new friend.  But, I have to admit, I wasn't really in the mood before I went - I didn't know what to take to work on and wasn't really feeling very creative.

So I packed up my December Daily "kit" and album along with my other Christmas scraps and embellishments.  I was going to work on DD pages so I could just drop in my pictures.  Once I got there, I made a huge mess,but couldn't really get started.  So I decided to do something with the inside covers. (Not part of my plan at all)

First I decorated the inside back cover, adding a pocket for extra photos and those photos of friends that come in the mail at the holidays.

I always struggle with what to do with those pictures and now I have a great place to store them so we can look at them in the future.

And then the inside front cover.

I love this Dear Lizzy vellum with the big gold polka dots!

After I did the covers I finished foundation pages through the end of November, created the December dividing pages and figured out how to incorporate a transparency for the first time ever.  All in all, it turned into a productive night.  And here are the lessons learned:

1) When you don't feel like packing up for a crop, it is worth it to go.  Chances are you will enjoy yourself, find some inspiration and get more done than you would at home.

2)  When you're stumped, just start with something - even if you weren't planning on doing it or end up taking it apart later.  Making the first cut and sticking the first thing down will get you going.

I was really glad I went Saturday - I made a new friend and got lots done.  I'll share some of those pages later.  Hope your Tuesday was good and that Wednesday is even better.


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  2. What a darling daily book!! I love to go to crops. This weekend I'm going to a 3 day crop. So much fun!! I live in Ohio too, but across the state. I'm a new follower. ~ Blessings, Tracey