Sunday, November 25, 2012

December Daily - Title Page

After I finished my cover I found my self with a number of decisions - when to start, how to get started, journaling and so on.

When to Start
Traditionally, December Daily albums start on December 1.  But I feel like our holidays really start with Thanksgiving and we jump right into the beginning of our Christmas preparations with shopping, baking and decorating.  And our anniversary is November 24th which is another big part of the fall and winter celebrations.  I kept changing my mind about whether to wait til December 1 to start, but when push comes to shove, the project should work for me as a way to capture our holidays.  So I am starting with Thanksgiving and moving forward from there.

Every Day?
The thought of having to capture an image from every day is a little overwhelming for me.  And from past experience with projects, I know I have a tendency to give up on the whole thing if I miss a day in that kind of project.  Starting with Thanksgiving just increases the odds of a missed day.  So while I recognize the value in capturing an image each day and focusing on some of the small things that make up our lives and holiday celebrations, I've given myself permission to miss.

Title Page
I'm a big fan of title pages, but was a bit stuck with how to get started - since I was starting with Thanksgiving and we have both an anniversary and a birthday falling from my starting point to Christmas, I wasn't sure how to approach it.  It really needed to capture more than Christmas. Last night I buckled down and focused on starting and ended up with this winter themed page.  I used "Our Holidays" as the title.

I stuck with my color scheme and pulled paper and embellishments from my DD box and my scraps.  I love the way the yellow Heidi Swapp trim accents the other colors.  And the Pink Paislee letters were the perfect touch of bling.

Foundation Pages
I was really struggling with the concept of foundation pages.  I don't know what pictures/events will fall on what days and wasn't sure how to approach this.  And when I gave myself permission to miss days, it got even more complicated.  So I'm generally not doing foundation pages. I will put together a few that I can move around easily for events I know we'll include, but I'm going to try to take a few minutes every day or two to put together the pages for the photos I know I want to include. (Pages for the last few days are high on my list for today.)

Journaling provides a challenge in two ways.  First I think it is important that the tone be consistent all the way through - and that it captures some of the less perfect parts of our holiday.  (The concept of perfect holidays always adds pressure and stresses me out, so I am hoping this is a reminder of less than perfect holidays being special in future years.)  I am going to journal as if I am keeping a diary and think Iwill end up with lots of bullet style entries/

The harder part for me is the actual journaling. For years, I've typed all myjournaling and printed on vellum.  But we are having some pretty extensive computer problems and have a very tight budget.  As a result, I can't print right now.  So I'm returning to handwritten journaling for this album.  Haven't decided what to do for other projects yet. 

Have your started your December Daily?  Is it limited to December or are you starting earlier?  I'd love to hear how you're approaching your project.

Have a happy and relaxed Sunday!

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  1. SUPER lovely and colorful DD!!!! I am dragging my feet on starting! I just want it ot be perfect! xox Great job!