Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Workspace Wednesday - Scraps

I'm a bit of a paper addict and have the hardest time throwing away even a small piece of paper I love.  So sorting, storing and using scraps is a constant challenge in my scrap room.   But I have finally developed a system that works for me,

Most of my scraps are sorted by color or pattern and stored in hanging files.

The hanging files go in this pretty wood file box on the shelf by my desk - in ROYGBIV order of course - patterned paper categories are in the back and vellum/transparencies are in the front.  I like to have papers sticking out the top  (so long as it doesn't get totally out of control) because it helps me remember to use them. 

 I usually try to look here first when I am working on a layout and decide that I need to add a particular color or pattern.  This works really well for larger scraps but small pieces tend to drop to the bottom of the folders and get forgotten.

So I bought a pretty ceramic berry basket at Marshall's to sit on my desk and hold small scraps.  These pieces are great for layering.  It often saves cutting and rummaging through the papers sometimes means I add a color or pattern that would never have occurred to me if I hadn't seen it.

 I don't have any rules about how small is to small or when a scrap goes into the folders instead of the baskets (except that it has to fit in the basket.)  When I am trying to decide whether to keep a scrap I consider size, how much I like the paper, how I think it will work for layering, and if I have larger scraps or even another full sheet.  If I love it and can't get more, it is quite possible that no piece is too small to keep. 

And of course the real trick to keeping scraps under control is to go through them regularly.  I find that I need to go through the berry basket every 2-3 months and the folders once or twice a year.  And I don't think too hard about whether to keep a scrap when I am purging.  I try to go with my first instinct.  And if I don't throw away as many as I hoped, it just means I will need to purge again sooner rather than later.  I cleaned out the berry basket Sunday - so now it looks like this. 

Are your a scrap hoarder or a scrap tosser?  Do you have any tricks for keeping scraps under control?

Share your tips - and thanks for stopping by.  I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday.


  1. I am a paper lover, which means I'll hoard scraps like crazy. I scrap, plus have my stuff, in my small master bedroom, but I am lucky to be able to have a desk in there. I have some small scraps hanging out on my desk, and the tv table. Otherwise, I use manila envelopes. I don't have a huge stash, but it's enough. Anywl no real tips here. Thanks for sharing, and I really like your solution. Michelle t

  2. I'm a hoarder....errr...keeper of scraps. I keep my scraps in a small 3 drawer box on my desk I should probably make them more visible so that I reach for them more often. Thanks for sharing Julie!