Thursday, July 30, 2015

Do Over

There aren't too many times when we really get do overs but scrapbooking is one of those places where it is totally possible.  I try not to do it too often but sometimes I just really don't like my end product.  This was one of those days.

Sunbursts are all the rage but I have a really hard time with them.  But when the sketch this week at Citrus Twist Kits featured a sunburst I thought I would give it a try. 

I thought about what I didn't like on past projects when I tried to use a sunburst and realized that they seemed to look heavy on my layouts.  So I decided to cut my sunburst from vellum

But I didn't like it and I'm not sure why.  My daughter thought it was because I needed more rays...

I set it aside but kept thinking about it and really didn't like it.  Then I remembered some vellum leaves in my stash (The advantage of a big purge is that you remember what you have.)So I lifted the photo block off the original layout and started over.

And I like it so much better!  And it took me about  minutes since I left the photo block intact.

Now I don't recommend frequent do-overs - after all there are so many photos waiting for love.  But once in a while it is definitely worth it!

So am I the only one who starts over?

Thanks for stopping by.....


  1. Very cool. Love the feathers. I've never re-done a layout, but I've been in the middle of working on one, dismantled, and started over. I've never done sunbursts with paper, I use watercolors and a stencil, which is probably cheating, sort of. But I could never get it to look right. Anyway, great layout, pretty, and super inspiring. Michelle t

  2. I like both layouts! I know what you mean about having to redo. I've done it a few times and still have two redone LOs that I don't like much!!