Sunday, January 20, 2013

Boys Sparkle Too!

I have two sons and one daughter - and none of them like sparkly, glittery things.  (I have to say it seems totally unfair that my daughter doesn't like sparkly things.)  But I get the urge to make sparkly layouts once in  while.  The American Crafts POW paper fascinates me.  It has such a great look and texture - and glitter doesn't get everywhere when you touch it.  So I decided to make a sparkly layout for my oldest son.

I used POW denim paper, a scrap of the Dear Lizzy gold dot vellum and assorted sparkly embellishments.  I added super sparkly Dear Lizzy thickers  and one of those big sequins from SC kits to finish it off.

In order to keep it "manly,"  here are some things I considered.
  • Chose your colors carefully - black, blue and gold combine for a masculine feel.  Pink and lavender would have sent my son over the edge.
  • Use a simple design.  A clean look is much more likely to have a masculine feel.
  • Play with texture for interest.  I used this great black embossed paper from Creative Memories and used the Texture Boutique on the POW paper to add interest.  The vellum and large sequin also added textural variety.
Boys can be sparkly - they just don't want to admit it.  Try making the men in your life sparkle today.

Have a great Sunday!


  1. I had a chuckle, so sorry! But here I am reading that they don't like sparkly and then you title the LO "my baby"....oh will want to show that off to all his friends...oh my...still giggling! ♥ waving hi from the hills of North Carolina ☺

  2. It doesn't matter if they don't like sparkles - make the layouts for yourself! I say, whatever gets you scrapbooking works best, so unless it's actually a scrapbook to give to someone else, it doesn't matter what they think, do it for you!

    Saying all that, I really like how you've thought about keeping it masculine, and used colours and design to make it very boyish despite the sparkles! The embossing looks fabulous too. x

  3. I struggle with using the glittery stuff too... so there's TONS of it on my Christmas layouts! I've got three boys, and brothers, and nephews, and no sisters, and only one niece... Not a lot of girly going on here.

  4. That is a great page.
    I have 3 daughters, so I can glitter away....but I stil don't seem to.
    I think the touch of sparkle on your page looks great.

  5. A well done page! I love using touches of sparkle on my boy pages - but I'm weird and use flowers too. DH always says that they'll think the books are silly when they're older so I just do whatever inspires me. Though I never go so far as to use pink, it seldom matches their clothing. ;)