Saturday, September 26, 2015

Layered Labels

I have always loved labels.  They are pretty, fun and versatile.  But they don't always work for journaling.  Sometimes I have too much to say and sometimes I don't have much of anything to say.  So I either end up with tiny little writing crammed onto a layer so that you can hardly read it or awkward blank space where it looks like I forgot to write something.  And so my label stash grows and grows and get the picture.

But layered labels are my new favorite thing.  I pull several labels in different shapes and sizes and stack 'em up.  Maybe I add a few stickers, enamel dots or other small embellishments. Foam squares and glue dots can add extra dimension.   Or those phrase stickers that are all the rage - they are perfect for this.  Then I end up with a dimensional embellishment using up some of my favorite things in my stash.  And I can customize it to fit both the story I'm telling and the space I have to fill.

A little washi can anchor your cluster and add extra dimesion and texture too.

design inspired by sketch at Citrus Twist kits
 So you probably knew all about layered labels.  It is such a great way to build a custom embellishment.  But just in case you didn't...........

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  1. Very cool. Real cool. Love that gold arrow. Anyway, I love labels, too, and I love your fresh ideas. Michelle t