Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Big Purge

It's Workspace Wednesday - and mine is a mess!  Last week I took a few days off.  My plan was to spend the time in my scrap room playing and on the deck relaxing.  And then on Day 1 I went into my craft room and was overwhelmed by the size of my stash.  So not much creating has happened here.  Instead I started The Big Purge.

My stash has grown to ridiculous proportions.  I blame the demise of the local scrapbook store - I used to buy the pieces of collections I love, but now I can't see it so its harder to be selective; plus I am a sucker for the free shipping offers.  And I don't ever seem to finish anything - I have part packages of tons of stuff - and they take up just as much room as full packages.  But back to the purge, because the why doesn't much matter.

I started with stamps - I am not much of a stamper so I thought they would be easy.  And since they come in just about every Studio Calico kit, they accumulate quickly.  My goal was to go from two overflowing baskets to one that is not overflowing.  It took about 5 days, but I'm there.  And I am slowing selling them at the Project Life Shop & Swap Facebook Page.  

And now my goal is to keep my stamp collection to what fits in that basket.  That means thinking hard about which kit stamps to keep each month.

Then I moved on to paper.  I love patterned paper - and I hoard patterned paper.  But I have way too much.  I forget what I have or can't find what I want.  And the newest additions to my stash are most likely to get used because they are on top.  I am about a third of the way through - and so far this much is finding a new home.

Embarrassing right?

Oh - and if my scraproom isn't a big enough mess right now - this is hanging on to the edge of my desk.

It's "Happy Tape" from my daughter's school play - she saved it so I could put it in her scrapbook.  But how do you save sticky tape til you are ready to make the layout?

I do have a few projects I'd like to share from the last couple of weeks, so keep an eye out.  It can't all be about reorganizing right?

Today I go back to work, so my destashing will slow way down.  I'm a little bit bummed about that.  My motivation was already slipping and I am afraid this will make it worse.  Please hare your tips for de-stashing and managing your stash.  I need help!

Oh - and with destashing comes the possibility of a giveaway or two or three, so check back once in a while.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Hello, I just read through your email and I went to the FB page but they aren't excepting new people without being added by a member. Can you add me so I can help out by buying some of your goodies :) have a great day

  2. LOL! I just laughed when I saw the tape! That's so me! By the way, you could just put it on cardstock and cut really close so you don't even know it's on cardstock! I really have to purge too! You're inspiring me to do so as soon as I have some time!