Sunday, October 20, 2013

To Purge Or Not To Purge

List of Stamps Updated on October 21, 2013

I see lots of threads and blog posts about purging supplies and cleaning out supplies.  But I love all my scrapping goodies and love being surrounded by lots of beautiful supplies.  So I am one of the world's worst purgers.  I just keep adding more to my stash.

I'm blessed to have a room to call mostly my own for my scrapping and a husband willing to invest in lots of storage and organizing pieces.  He even built me a custom desk with lots of storage.  But even so, once in a while I'm forced to take a look at my space and think about what I don't use.  After all, I have to make room for new things, right?

I've been thinking about my space and organization for a couple of weeks.  And I really couldn't bring myself to part with much of anything.I still wanted it all.  There was only one thing I didn't use much that I thought I might be willing to part with - stamps.

I've been subscribing to Studio Calico for more than a year, for a while got both the scrapbook and project life kits, and often get the add-ons.  That's a lot of stamps - and I almost never stamp.  I don't do it enough to feel proficient.  In fact, I rarely think about using my stamps.  So I went through all my stamps and pulled out my favorites.  The rest have to go.

I few have gone to friends who expressed an interest and a few more have gone to people who have contacted me directly.  But the rest are up for sale.  If you're interested, the list of stamps available with prices (which do not include postage) is below.

Antiquary – Live Creatively $5

Antiquary Add On 1 – Amsterdam – Navy Pier Numbers $10

Antiquary Add On 2 – Vienna – Lovely $5

Antiquary Add On 3 – Rome - $7

Antiquary PL Add On – Dublin – Check One $10

Double Scoop – Add On 2 – Licorice – Magic $5

Double Scoop – Add On 3 – Waffle Cone – Star Light $7

Marks and Co. - Add On 1 – Bronte – Play $7

Marks and Col. - Add On 3 – Salinger – Yum $10

Marks and Co. - PL Add On - Steinbeck – Loved $7

Valley High – Amy Tan Love $7

Valley High – Add On 2 – Jennifer – Adventure Begins $10

Valley High Card Kit – Hello $10

Valley High Project Life Kit – Happy Mail $10

Valley High Project Life Addon – Ate This $5

Roundabout – Add On 3 – Savannah Shore – This Makes Me $5

Roundabout Project Life – Lets Be Adventurous $5

Planetarium SB Kit – Amy Tan – This $5

Planetarium Add On 1 – Orion – Life Is Pretty Amazing $5

Planetarium Add On 3 – Lyra – Believe In Yourself $7

Planetarium PL – Amy Tan Numbers $7

Planetarium PL Add On – Haileys Comet $7

Spencer - Project Life – Hello Forever Stamp $7

Neverland – Scrapbook – Loving This $5

Neverland – Tink Add On – Amy Tan Roller Stamp (out of package) $5

Neverland – Project Life – perfect day $7

Front Row Scrapbook Kit – skyline(not in original packaging) $5

Front Row – Matinee Add on – Lets Go On An Adventure $7

Front Row Project Life – Newsflash $10

Block Party – Scrapbook – Right Here Right Now $7

Block Party – Add On 3 – Pioneer Drive - New Year $10

Block Party – Project Life – Week In Review $10

34th Street – Scrapbook Kit – OKAY $5

34th Street – Murray Hill Add On $7

Sock Hop – scrapbook kit – true story (not in original packaging) $5

Sock Hop – Poodle Skirt Add On – Find Joy (not in original packaging) $7

Roller Rink – Crack the Whip Add On- Everything Will Be Ok (not

in original packaging) $7

Central High – Road Show Add On – rubber chevron background stamp

(not in original packaging) $7

Central High – The Register Add On – feather (not in original packaging) $7

Summer of 69 – scrapbook kit – labels (not in original packaging) $7

Summer of 69 – Drive In Add On – triangles/hello (not in original packaging) $7

Summer of 69 – Six String – Alpha (not in original packaging) $10

Glee Club – Scrapbook Kit – Oh Snap $5

Mind The Gap – Scrapbook Kit – interlocking circles $7

Inked Class Kit $15


SC Birthday Stamp with cupcake, Its a Party, confetti – I think this

was a gift for subscribers around their fourth anniversay?

(not in original packaging) $7

SC Woodgrain Circle – copyright 2011 (not in original packaging) $5

SC This Is Where I want to Be/Circles/Anchor/Me+You (not in original packaging)

(I think this is from a kit but haven't been able to figure out which one) $7

In most cases the stamps have never been used.  If they have been used its only once or twice.  I'd love to see them go to good homes where they will be loved and used.  And, if you are interested, please let me know quickly - before my hoarder tendencies get the best of me and they go back into my desk.  

I hope you've had a wonderful weekend!


  1. Hi,
    I'd like to buy some of your stamps. I'm just starting with card making so I'm trying to buy tools.
    I wish you had pictures of the stamps.

    1. I've referenced the Studio Calico kit names on the list. You can find pictures of the stamps at Use the tool bar at the top to select kits and then past kits. The list is ordered with the newest kits first. Note: Antiquary is the current kit and will be found under the current kit tab.