Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Year and New Resolutions

As 2012 gets going, I find myself making the same resolutions I do every year - lose at least 30 pounds.  Occaisionally I manage to accomplish the goal, but somehow the pounds never stay off.  So I've spent a few days thinking about the times when I've lost the weight in an effort to be successful this year.  (It would be exciting to have a different resolution next year!)

The common thread in the years I've actually lost the weight is, of course,  the focus on diet and exercise. But I've only been able to maintain that focus in those years when I've also been focused on a creative outlet of some kind. So I've put together an action plan to accomplish that New Year's Resolution.

1)  A Curves workout at least three times a week
2) A high protein diet - limit white starches and sweets
3) Spend at least 1 hour working on my scrapbooks 4 days a week
4) Use this blog to journal my progress and the results of the new focus on playing with paper.

I am starting Monday - we still have lots of Christmas goodies around and my willpower is not great.  Hopefully by Monday my favorites will be gone.  It also gives me a few days to get my workspace organized so that the scrapbooking time will be fun and constructive!

Wish me luck!

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