Thursday, April 9, 2015

Problem Solving Through A Layout

We all scrapbook for different reasons - and if you are like me, maybe for a lot of reasons.  I scrapbook because I think those albums are important to pass on to my children down the road .  But even more importantly I have learned that I am happier if I find time to do something creative every day.  And sometimes, I scrapbook about a problem or concern that is on my mind.  I find it is a great way to organize my thoughts.

Lately I have been thinking a lot about work, retirement, and finding a balance in my life.  I haven't reached any momentous conclusions, but I know that I have work to do in this area.  So when Studio Calico's member challenge this week was to use a photo to indirectly document something, I chose to do a layout about work and how I feel about work. 

The journaling is very personal to me and not something I want to share with anyone.  So it is on that white tag sticking out behind the photo.  I stuck a library pocket to the back of the photo block so that the tag can go in and out easily.  I don't want to share the journaling right now - but I don't want my thoughts to be buried forever either.

Putting the layout together didn't resolve anything for me, but it did help me to organize my thoughts about the issues I want to address.  That's a step forward.  So next time you're worrying, try focusing on something creative as a way to think through your issues.  If nothing else, you will have some time to relax and play.

Thanks for stopping by.

Note:  The layout design was inspired by the April 4th sketch at My Scraps and More.


  1. BEAUTIFUL layout! That is so great that you were able to use scrapbooking as a way to work through something personal. Great job and best wishes on finding the balance you are looking for :).

  2. I have done this same thing. I don't have lots of creative time, I spend a lot of time on my health care due to illness, and I can get antsy or even a bit resentful if I can't get to my pics. But the thing in my brain lately has been how fast time is flying. My boys are in 10th grade, and they will be off to college and it's flying. I'm sorry I go on. But yes, I get where you are coming from, and I too wish you the best as you work towards your balance. Michelle t